Fund Administration &
Accounting Solutions

se-gue (seg’wāy) noun
1. A smooth transition from one activity to another.
2. Superior financial consulting and accounting solutions for private funds and their portfolio companies.

Fund Administration & Accounting Solutions

Private Equity | Venture Capital | Real Estate Funds | Small Fund-of-Funds | Family Offices
Entrepreneurs | Start-Ups | Portfolio Companies | Small Businesses

se-gue (seg’wa) noun 1. A smooth transition from one activity to another.
2. Superior financial consulting and accounting solutions for private funds and their portfolio companies.




Fund Administration specifically designed to meet the needs of Private Equity, Venture Capital, Fund of Funds, and Family Offices. Existing and emerging managers benefit from our experience to help effectively manage and grow your private fund.



Accounting services specifically designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, portfolio companies, start-ups, and small businesses. Segue has the right combination of tools and expertise to help your business build a strong accounting foundation.



Our professional staff of CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers thrive on innovation, vision, and teamwork. We are a group of talented, dedicated partners standing ready to provide your firm real-time, seamless support as if we were in-house.

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Segue Partners helps companies transition smoothly through their lifecycles: from formation to wind-down and everything in between.

Our CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers utilize industry best practices and technology to deliver cost-effective results tailored to fit your needs. As a strategic partner we do more than just manage your books, we work as part of your team to help you build a strong accounting foundation.

Partnering with Segue eliminates the demand for administrative and accounting software, provides a scalable solution that can grow and react to changes in your firm, along with transparency for your investors with independent third party reporting

We’ll help you: Save time. Save money. Accomplish your goals.

Don’t take our word for it…

Darcy A. Howe, Managing Director, KCRise Fund, LLC

“The Segue team truly are Partners. As a first-time fund there was much we did not know about running a compliant, protocol-centric operation. The professional polish of Michelle and her team was key to the positive interface we have built with our investors.”

Jay Schmelter, Managing Director, RiverVest Partners

“As the Managing Director of RiverVest, I know that Segue Partners is there if we need assistance with financial modeling, fair value analysis, or need an extra hand with a transaction. They are always available and knowledgeable. I would recommend Segue without hesitation.”

Stephen Kahn, Senior Vice President and CFO, NewLeaf Symbiotics

“NewLeaf is an early stage, venture backed, high technology company. Engaging Segue Partners has been the perfect answer for meeting our back office accounting and financial needs. We wish to put our human resources into science and technology not accounting and finance. As an outsourced team, Michelle and her group are professional, proficient and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them for any company that wants the services of a well run financial organization without incurring the high costs associated with hiring a full or part time staff.”

Keith Molzer, General Partner, Flyover Capital

“Working with the Segue team has allowed us to focus on deals and helping our portfolio company instead of spending time on the financial reporting of the fund. Segue Partners not only handles our financial reporting but because of their deep understanding of venture capital investing and fund structure, they have been a great resource for our team during our fund raising as well.”

Chad Stiening, CEO, Kypha, Inc.

“As a start-up, we needed someone with industry experience and a thorough understanding of deal structure and strategy. Segue Partners met our demands by providing sound business advice, helping us prepare for investor presentations and focusing our team on financial metrics and legal terms and what it really meant for our company. Michelle and her team worked seamlessly with our management, Board, advisors and corporate attorney, and we will go back to them with complete confidence in the future to address both small and large projects.”

Arnold Donald, President and CEO, Executive Leadership Council

“I want to thank you personally for your assistance to our staff.  I am impressed with your efficiency and how much we’ve benefited from your work with us in just a short time. Your business insight is candid, refreshing, and impactful. Your passion — for not only what you do, but for what we do — is evident in every call, meeting, and email. You are exceeding our high expectations and are effectively one of the team. That makes all the difference in achieving our objectives and results.”

Juli Laramie, Controller, Carpenters' Pension Trust of Greater St. Louis

“My experience with Michelle dates back nearly ten years.  She is one of the most reliable, trustworthy people I have dealt with in my career.  Her expertise in Private Fund accounting is apparent and she has experience making a cumbersome process run smoothly.  I’m sure once you get to know her, Segue will become an indispensable partner to you.”

James F. O’Donnell, III, Senior Partner, O'Donnell Capital Company, LLC

“It’s not every day that the PE industry can share a terrific resource previously enjoyed by just one competitor.”

Barbara Feiner, Vice Chancellor for Finance and CFO, Washington University in St. Louis

“I have known Michelle Murray for ten years while she was the director and CFO of Prolog. If you are looking to establish a relationship with a financial industry consultant or service provider, I can strongly recommend Michelle and her team at Segue Partners. We consistently received prompt, reliable and quality financial information from Michelle and think of her as “best-in-class”.

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